Hogs in the mud

Posted on Feb 26 2017 - 12:59pm by Beautifulgamer
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Well… my Scuttling Hogs team has struggled a bit, and the main difference between these dark days of early 2017 and the Hogs’ heyday of last fall seems to be only that I’ve been taking a more active management hand in things week to week. Sad but true.

The sweeping changes I brought in over the holidays have yielded little. Occasioned first by Aguero’s suspension, the swaps first brought in the horribly underperforming Origi and the equally unimpressive Rondon (for Dafoe, who at the time was languishing but has since picked up his game). Origi is gone, replaced by Llorente, but the Middlesborough boys chosen to replace Ward et al are also not doing a lot.

The Hogs are holding off Harcourt FC but are well back of Chicos FC with no immediate hope of returning to the top of the Withrow table. Best management tactic may be to leave the team alone for a spell…

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