The Beautiful Game List is a project devoted to exploring the things that make the game of soccer beautiful.

While in widespread use, the term “beautiful game” does have an air of mystery and vagueness about it.

For instance, it is not known who first coined the term – though Pele is certainly the person most responsible for popularizing it when he arrived on the global stage during the 1958 World Cup and became the biggest star in world sports.

Also, there is the problem that the term that is actually used in Brazil to connote beautiful football is “futebol-arte” or art-football.

According to writer Alex Bellos in his outstanding work Futebol, the Brazilian Way of Life, it is mostly Britons who call it the “beautiful game”.

And on top of all that we do not seem to have clear parameters around what exactly is beautiful about the game.

There is after all that age-old literary notion that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And that notion can certainly be applied to the game of soccer. What may be beautiful to one person, can be ordinary if not ugly to someone else.

The Beautiful Game List will explore all these questions leading up to and beyond Brazil’s 2014 FIFA World Cup in one simple manner – we will randomly post on what we find to be beautiful about the game of soccer on a daily basis and hope to come up with a composite picture at some undefined point in time.

And we hope that in the end that picture will be beautiful.

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